Personally identifiable information which is all collected for contacting or upon identification should be used with caution here. Your name, address, telephone number and email address are just a few examples of all the personally identifiable information collected by This online pharmacy is committed to helping people lead healthier and happier lives by also providing some of the best services, products, and all information on the condition of impotence in men. Online medication is also known to store the types of personally identifiable information that you provide.

We may also charge your credit card for prescription items and shipping charges as these are only allowed for the store and the information is not shared with anyone. Sharing personal data with any unauthorized/third party is simply not our style. There are approximately three types of security measures that we may employ in order to keep the provided data safe and secure with some additional physical, virtual, and managerial safeguards. 24-hour access to the online drug store and customer service may assist with placing an order, guiding with this proper medication can answer all of the questions. Privacy Policy emphasises the importance of privacy.

Information Collected By Us Is As Below:

The information provided relates only to generic drugs and should not be used for the consumption of other drugs or similar. We are not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of any information displayed in our store, as it does not contain any special instructions on which you can rely. The owners and associates of the website respect and prioritize the privacy of every customer / patient in this store. We certainly do not sell, rent, or loan any of the information you provide to third parties and cannot be disclosed to third parties unless all is legally required.

Some of the other details required include a residential address, and the rest will be dependent on whether or not we provide it. We store your IP address and browser data in order to provide you with some online services and to give you full access to this online drug store.